Who. Am. I? I’m Li, and happy to be here to write for you – and for me.


I want first and foremost to be informative, not overblown. Refreshing, not coming across with the same old stale topics: or maybe an old topic with a new twist. But the truth is, I’m new at this so…my main premise is: I will KEEP IT SHORT. Short and sweet, learn it. This means a brief ten minute (or less) read. I keep telling myself that, anyway. So if you want to know who I am, a few words below will either make you smile or make you run. Either way, welcome, and for those that come back to see what’s new, welcome friend.

I am someone simple, yet complicated. The word bizarre comes to mind…and maybe my everyday laugh is more of a little smirking chuckle.

I love my family, my pets, my books. People mean a lot to me, yet I have to have so much quiet time in my life for reading, writing and thinking. I liken myself to Sherlock Holmes (minus the whole deductive reasoning thing…more about the dry humor thing).

Moody? Maybe. But I also love to laugh, and better – make others laugh. Loudly. Spontaneously. Ridiculously. I have been caught running away from my kids in the grocery store, ducking down an aisle just as they come up it, turning the whole outing into a crazy keystone cops runaround. Quietly, though. So as not to disturb other shoppers. Shhhh. 😉

I am finally getting used to reading on electronic devices, though I shiver at the thought of my precious physical books ever disappearing from sight sometime in the future. I will read on the computer, my phone, whatever screen is available. But I need to feel that paper and cardboard beneath my fingers regularly or I will go into withdrawal.

I plan to be buried with my Pride and Prejudice, a worn and very much loved copy I’ve had since I was 12.

By the way, that’s not really me up there in the classy teal car. I’m more like real people, but I liked that photo because of the cool scarf, and the car isn’t bad either.  Join me whenever you want, anyone who loves the written word should come on it and sit a spell!

goodone Li


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