The Best Place to Buy Books is NOT Amazon


The best place to buy books, believe it or not, is NOT Amazon.

I have been buying books new and used for most of my life, or from the age of about 12. I was a reader even way back then, so I’ll tell you now that if I wanted a book I found one way or another to get it, even if the parents weren’t willing. And that was before Amazon, even before the internet. You know…where you walk into a store and find the book you’re looking for and pay for it with cash, your treasured title in your hot little hands. There is something to be said for actual brick and mortar bookstores.

Amazon is great for book selection, but not so much for book prices. You may get a tiny discount from the retail price, and have it in your mailbox in two days but I would like to remind you that if you’re on a budget there a better ways.

Top FIVE places to buy books:

book_outlet_logo   This place has its distinct advantages and they have a whole boatload of new books that are either reasonably priced or on clearance. My daughter buys a good many YA books from these people each year, and you should see the bookshelves in her room, they’re just groaning from the weight of it all!

imghalflogo_126x54   From eBay, they have sellers on here that have pretty much anything you might want; you can get it in new, nearly new, red white & blue, and textbooks too. Definitely worth looking into for anything you might need and a whole lotta things you just want. Huge selection and reasonable prices, even with shipping charges.

half-price-books-logo Half Priced Book Stores   Yeah, they charge approximately half for most books, but I’ve noticed they have a good selection here. The prices sometimes seem a little higher than I’m willing to pay for some of the more expensive books, but they have a great, organized selection of books of all kinds. They also have, usually, a nook area that has a treasure trove of clearance books, and some of them are quite good! They also pack up six or more books of a series by authors on occasion and sell them for an incredibly cheap price for the lot. I always come into this store a little excited and wondering what I’ll find. Did I mention you can bring your old books and turn them in for store credit to buy even more books?! If they don’t have this store in your area, they’re online as well.

goodwill-logo Goodwill   Well, obviously. Though there is quite a selection, the chances of you finding something you’ve been searching for are slim. With this one you must be patient and keep coming back until you find that title you’ve been wishing for. Great place to find audiobooks in good shape, too. Prices here are a little high in my opinion, so if you can wait and buy that book on half-off day, even better! They also have various Goodwill locations that have eBay stores online, so there is yet another chance to get a deal on more books than you can shake a stick at!

Garage sales   Garage sale season will be getting going soon throughout the U.S., so that’s a good place to get just about anything you may want to read. This is a great way to get current fiction hardbacks for fifty cents, but you may not be able to find particular titles until you’ve been going out there and searching for a while. Best way to get a deal on a large number of books if your shelves are looking a little empty and you’re not too fussy about titles, and are looking more for certain genres like mysteries, romance, etc. Let’s not forget about the chance of finding vintage or rare books at a great price, too. It’s also a way to get out there, enjoy the weather and talk to other book lovers!


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